"Made me
discover how good my children are at bending the truth "

History of Perudo

In 1532 Pizarro and his conquistadors defeated and held captive the Sapa Inca Atahuallpa thus Peru fell into the hands of the foreign invaders, and the glories of the Inca Empire came to an end.

It has been widely rumoured that during his imprisonment Atahuallpa introduced Pizarro to the Perudo dice game. Indeed the game is played throughout Spain today, as it is in Peru.Perudo

350 years later in1982 Alfredo Fernandini and Cosmo Fry were invited to join a game of 'dudo' in the Lima Golf Club during a rare rain break and the idea for Perudo was born. Peru was at that time in the grip of the Sendaro Luminoso, an outgrowth of the pre-existing communist party of Peru. Fernandini and Fry returned six years later intent on researching the history of the game and identifying local artisans that worked with leather and were capable of the intricate craftsmanship. The game existed throughout the country, however, the components were all hand-me-down from generation to generation and not available in the market place.

Fernandini and Fry tracked down the artisans to downtown Lima and thought up the idea of a travel bag and lid to contain the cups and dice. The woollen drawstring bag is lined and fabricated from cloth sourced from the north of Peru and Bolivia. The rules were a hybrid of various permutations played in Peru plus one or two subtle variations - the result a new and original version of Liar's Dice. This, the travel version of the game Perudo, was first sold in the UK in 1989. The following year a deluxe version was introduced.

The name Perudo was a fusion of the name by which the game is commonly known in Peru - 'dudo' and 'Peru' - hence 'Perudo'.

In 1992 a third standard version of Perudo was introduced, pandering to market demand for a sub £20 price point. This version initially retailed through WH Smith, Virgin, Hamleys, John Lewis and Harrods. In 1993 a sub £15 standard version was sold under licence throughout the UK by Lagoon Trading Company. In 1995 Fernandini and Fry negotiated a license with University Games in the US and Hasbro elsewhere throughout the world and Perudo was on its way to becoming a worldwide phenomenon.

With the introduction of Perudo mini in 2017, 5 leather versions of Perudo plus the bespoke service are all available by mail order via this website. All leather versions are still hand crafted by the same artisans in downtown Lima and Perudo still remains today loyal to its South American origins.