"Made me
discover how good I am at bending the truth"

Basic Rules of Perudo

Perudo can be played with two or more playersPerudo

Each player starts with a cup and five dice

Players throw one dice to see who starts

Each player simultaneously shakes the cup and then upends it onto the table using it to conceal his dice from other players

Having looked at his dice the first player makes a call based on how many dice of a certain number there may be under all the cups. He has to bear in mind 2 factors:

1/ The total quantity of dice on the table e.g if there are six players (total of thirty dice) the law of averages says that there should at least five twos. The odds for the other numbers are more or less the same. Dependent on what you have in your hand can dictate what you 'bid'. So if you have three fives that means that you could call heavy on the fives. But then of course you can bluff!

2/ All 'ones' are wild so can be used as any number. This factor along with the open license to bluff distorts all the 'laws of averages' and opens the door further to skill, guile and a big slice of beginners luck.

Once the call is made the next player can do one of two things. He can either accept the bid or call 'Dudo' (which means I doubt in Spanish.) If the bid is accepted (deemed plausible) he must raise the call by either calling the same quantity of a higher number or a greater quantity of any number. If he calls Dudo then the round stops, the dice are counted (including the ones) and if the total add up to or exceed the bid doubted the challenger loses a dice. If the count is less than the bid the bidder loses a dice.

Perudo is a game of guesswork, bluff, luck and no small amount of skill. You win and lose dice until such time that there is only one person remaining with any dice and he or she is the winner of that hand.

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