Customise a Classic or Deluxe version with your own special designs. Get in touch and send us your ideas or sketches and we will have our artisans in Lima weave their magic. A Bespoke Set makes for a brilliant corporate gift or anniversary/birthday present. Price on application.

(Left) Example of components of a Bespoke Deluxe Set, depicting a gecko for Necker Island Gift Shop, including artwork supplied to our artisans in Peru.

Example of components for Bespoke Classic Set for Pixie and George, including the artwork sent to our artisans in Peru, and the finished product of 5 cups plus lid engraved with their names and favourite symbols. A perfect personalised birthday gift.

Example of components of Bespoke Deluxe Set, with the casket, cups and lid depicting the corporate logo for Talisman.

Examples of 8 customised orders for special customers, from left to right, top to bottom:

1. Corporate logo
2. Talbot Inn. Mells
3. Sol beer
4. Necker Island, ring tailed lemur
5. Makers Mark
6. Swan Light brewery
7. JB Scotch Whiskey and lid
8. Schroders Bank

lids: Rolling Stones, J&B, Groucho Club