Perudo X Smoking Jacket Sets * OUT OF STOCK

We're thrilled to present our brand new Perudo collaboration with Smoking Jacket, a London-based designer of sustainably handcrafted cigarette cases. Featuring all the components of our original Classic Set (see list below), our limited edition Perudo X Smoking Jacket Sets come in a choice of five different colours. Made from ethically sourced cotton and linen fabrics, all of our bags are hand-stitched in the UK. 

  • Unique lined cotton/linen bag with cord 
  • 5 hand-tooled leather cups (8cm tall)
  • 1 leather lid
  • 25 white plastic dice
  • 1 illustrated rule book
  • 1 cardboard box

Click to pick from our 5 different bags in dropdown list below. If on mobile device, click on black 'Blue Denim' text below and select from dropdown list.